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The transition from portraits to identifying any single form from an abstract colour palette was indeed a challenge. But as Aristotle said, the aim is not about the outward appearance but their inward significance.

Colours create their own forms if you allow them to, without the assistance of a brush or any other tool to lead them.

My process starts with a canvas, flat on it back not propped up on an easel. Then its fluid acrylics, tubs of watered down acrylic paints, inks, charcoal, graphite powder and a spray bottle.

My other tools are old bank and credit cards, straws to blow the paint around and a spray bottle. These unconventional tools allow me to play with the swirls and pools that mix and run along the bank white surface forming shapes, depending and lightening as they travel around. The most fascinating part is when the canvas is dry. When I prop it up on the easel and walk back to understand what has happened; to turn it about, sometimes 180 degrees for it make sense.

I allow it to sit for some days and more comes to the fore, the creativity is the essence of its layers, the hidden forms, the little clues that call out and thats when I go in with my brush and gently bring them out.

Until next time!

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”

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