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Mixed Media Artist, Toronto – Mazarine

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Eastlake Aesthetic furniture – 1870-1900 

With inspiration drawn from the furniture fashioned by Charles Eastlake, the Eastlake chairs extrude an influence of the Japanese design-oriented Aesthetic movement. The chair’s framework is embellished with simple, geometric and artistic etches and carvings around the top and the legs. The beauty of its design lies in the intricacy involved in the etches and chisels – elevating it to a prestige of fine art. While Eastlake emphasized the use of wood grain, favoring oak and cherry or rosewood and walnut, most manufacturers preferred the use of ebonized polish. The chairs are available in different themes based on the art painted on the backrest.

H- 33” x W- 18” x D- 17”

Original Art – Japanese Haiku, Ink on Canvas – (Moons of autumn, pearl snows of winter dancing)

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