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Mixed Media Artist, Toronto – Mazarine

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Ornamental Eastlake Armchair – 1875-1910 

The Eastlake furniture style envisioned by its creator Charles Lock Eastlake came about in response to his dislike of the over-the-top Rococo Revival and Renaissance Revival styles popular during the Victorian era. Although Eastlake furniture is technically considered Victorian, being popular from 1870-1890, it breaks away from the excessive high relief carving, classical elements and numerous curves of other styles produced during this time frame. 

Because classical motifs had become overly familiar, new sources of ornament, particularly Middle Eastern and Far Eastern, were sought by Eastlake. One important influence was the Aesthetic Movement of the 1890s, which was heavily influenced by Japanese design. 

Eastlake emphasized the beauty of wood grains, favouring oak and cherry, as well as rosewood or walnut if not obscured by dark varnish. In spite of his suggestions, however, many American furniture makers used ebonized wood for Oriental decoration on otherwise essentially Eastlake pieces. 

H – 37” x W- 25” x D- 20” 

Original Art on the back – Green stallion oil on canvas

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