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Mixed Media Artist, Toronto – Mazarine

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Victorian Hand carved Armchair – Mid 1880 

A chair that follows a graceful style known as Victorian Rococo or Victorian Louis XV. This lasted longer than any other single influence in the late 19th century. John Henry Belter, one of the few American cabinetmakers whose name still lives on, became prominent for his craftiness in rosewood furniture which was more richly and ornately carved that the general run. Instead of carving the crest on the chair, attention was diverted to carving the sides of the back. An understated finish in the carving and scrolled lines made this type of furniture as attractive as it was comfortable. Foliage, flowers, and fruits were worked into the involved designs, held together with scrolled and pierced framing. 

H-40” x W-23” x D-20” 

Original Art – The Buddha, Oil on Canvas

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