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Art by Mazarine Memon

What do you see ?

I truly believe that art must engage the viewer, which is what I attempt every time I see a blank canvas. My works Mysteries in Colour use the Pareidolia
Phenomena to challenge the viewer to decipher the mystery. The abstract shapes and forms at first look just pretty on the canvas until your brain decodes the image and finds the subject. When that happens, the art is not just pretty, shapes and forms suddenly come alive and have meaning.

 I enjoy being a fly on the wall when people see my work for the first time. I see them go, “I saw it” and yet someone else will see something more.

An accomplished award-winning artist, Mazarine has had several sold-out solo and group exhibitions around the world. She has an avid following of collectors and her works have pride of place all over the world.


 Toronto, Ontario

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