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When I start a painting I always ask myself what I would hang on my wall, true aesthetic preference is what appeals to me the most.Visuals are a powerful thing. I have been asked what inspires me and my answer is “everything!” From the wine I order to the cheese I pick, to the lighting in my favorite restaurant to the pattern on a paper napkin. I keep my eyes open, to colour, to smell to the touch and it all comes up when I start a collection.

I love to evolve. That includes my subjects, my style and what inspires me. I share my process and I…… For each piece the outward form the bigger picture is what draws me in, but then after the inks and colours stain the white of the canvas, and I have my outline I then look deeper into the inner essence of that form. It can be a human figure, an animal, a flower or a still life. New project launches and what I am working on and what to look out for will all be here.

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