My work which to most are ‘mysteries in color’ is to bring out the feelings and thoughts that cannot be described with works.

This style allowed me to loosen up. I no longer worry about definite lines

Allows me the freedom to let the colors lead me – just like life has planned good and bad and sometimes is just easy to go with the flow

No one knows what tomorrow holds (kinda like discovering what you see in the pages of the books)

Stress – stuck in traffic, jobs, prep for meals, kids, – its a way to pull a page of the book – symbolic to pulling a page out of your own life and working through it – only this will relax you, let you step back and know that nothing can be forever, pulling that evasive form out from the swirls of colours is like making sense of the chaos of life, taking one part at a time

What is “The Book” you ask ?…